Refresh Marketing holds the special distinction of being the first Xceed partner firm, and through the application of our collaborative process this small business focused SaaS company has gone from trying to address a free cash flow shortage to being primed to scale. Over the course of the year we have been able to work with the principles to reorganize the business and allow them to focus on being able to deliver their unique value proposition to a much wider client base.

“While our subscription-based business model was amazing, the negative impact our core operations had on the company prevented us from ever growing and becoming sustainable. Until we started working with Xceed Advisory, we were focused on ‘putting out fires’ instead of working on ways to maximize opportunities and become scalable. Not only that, our proprietary platform software had been compromised. Xceed looked at our business and, after seeing the potential, began strategizing on ways to trim costs, build in efficiencies, resolve our software issues and help us break old habits. Now, after nearly a year and a complete restructuring to include a large support team in India, we have been able to slash overheads and increase our production capacity to handle more volume of business.

The process has been difficult, but with Xceed's guidance and the availability of working capital, doors are opening for us we never thought possible. By following Xceed's advice and stringent mentoring, we have renewed confidence in our ability to run a successful business for long-term prosperity. Best of all, we retain control of the operations and can look to Xceed for help whenever we need it.

Today we're not only profitable, we are on a path to become a dominant digital marketing company in the State of Texas by 2022—and a nationwide company by 2030. With Xceed, we will succeed!”

Mark Beatty
Refresh Marketing

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